• 23 August 2021

9 Organisational Tips For Back To School

When it’s time to get ready to go back to school, it helps to get organized. If you go into the school year with a sense of clarity, your children will start the school year off with an advantage. The whole learning process can go smoothly with some basic organizational skills for school.

Try these 9 organizational tips to properly prepare and organize before kids go back to school

Use folders and binders

It helps have a way to keep all of your school paperwork sorted for easy access. I use it for my son’s school subject folders to keep things tidy. I prefer plastic wallets, size A4 and in various colors, because are easy to clean, are waterproof and it is easier to differentiate: one color for each subject. If they have a small pocket where I can add a card with a description of the subject is even better. These plastic wallets are extremely useful for school, travel, and for all the documents that need to be organized. I prepare the plastic wallets in advance, thus when he goes back to school, everything is ready.

Have a place for everything

Decide on a set spot for all of your school things. Designate specific slots or pouches for everything from papers and notebooks to pencils and pens. If you know exactly where something is, you save time spent on looking for it later.

Make a to-do list

A to-do list is essential for staying on top of everything going on with school. Don’t try to keep everything you need to do in your head! You are bound to forget something. A to-do list right in front of you will help you see exactly what should be done and when. It’s a great time saver. My to-do list is on the fridge, so I can see early in the morning, and I know what to prioritize. I have a to-do list for when we are going back to school, one for my dogs, and so on. It’s easier for me to organize everything by category.

Have your things ready the night before back to school

Gather your things before you go to sleep at night. This method will be a lifesaver for you if you’re not a morning person. In the morning, when you get out of bed you know that your bags are packed and ready to go.

To save even more time in the mornings, lay out each child’s clothes the night before. Trying to figure out what to wear in the midst of the morning rush sets you up for a stressful day. However, a little advance planning can help you feel in control and set the stage for a productive day instead. I usually wash my son’s uniform every Saturday and on Sunday, I prepare it for the next week. This way I know that he has clean uniforms for the whole week.

I suggest this cool hanging organizer with 6 pouches which can support kids’ shoes, hairbands, hats, lego, and other toys. It has a PVC pocket, 4 mesh pockets which makes it easier to see the items stowed inside and easy to find small items.

Plan your meals

Don’t skip any meal, even if you are busy. Ensure that you’re eating nutritiously in order to maintain your health and energy. After all, planning enough time in advance for breakfast in the morning and pack a healthy lunch will help you with saving some money when doing your

Have a place for homework

Have a set place and time to do homework. If they stay organized with a specific homework flow, the whole process can go quickly, and the kids will be done before you know it.

Keep lines of communication open

In order to have an efficient and organized life, discuss important issues with your family members on a regular basis. Keep the lines of communication open and let your children know that you value their input and concerns.

Line up transportation

Decide on school transportation plans early. Will your kids take the bus, or do you need to take them to school? Plan for back up transportation whenever possible for the times that things don’t go according to plan.

Have the right attitude

Remember that a positive attitude can make things run smoothly. Your attitude can be the difference between success and failure in keeping things organized. Your attitude determines whether your household is one of peace or chaos. Choose peace!

Remember to enjoy the process of preparing for back-to-school!

Try new things, and keep the goal in mind. Besides, a little advance planning can go a long way towards relieving much of the stress that the beginning of school brings.

If you have any tips regarding the organisation before school, share it with us.

Let’s help each other to have a nice and stress-free day before and after school.

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