• 30 August 2021
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End Of Season: Summer Savings

The summertime is a big selling period for most retailers. Patio furniture, seasonal decor, clothing, shoes, and even beach accessories are their biggest moneymakers. Luckily, if you shop for these things at the end of the season, rather than the peak time, you can save a bundle.

Follow these tips on how to turn the big summer moneymakers into your money savers!

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Secret Stash

Sure, you may have needed that Adirondack chair two months ago. If you’re able to save 50% off just by shopping in late August, chances are it’s worth storing until next year. In order to truly save on end-of-season summer stuff, you must be flexible.

 If you’re willing to stash items away until next year, you can stock up on anything from patio sets to grills and much more for a fraction of the advertised cost in May or June.

Haggle it down

If you’re feeling super bold, you can walk right up to the store manager and ask for an even lower price on the merchandise. Chances are, not many customers would be willing to purchase a bistro set on August 29th, especially if you live in a cold climate. The store needs to make that sale. And many times, if you’re willing to haggle, you can save a great percentage on end-of-season summer purchases.

The store needs every end-of-season summer sale they can get. So, they’re often willing to lower prices on items – all you have to do is ask! Of course, this is an unpublicized practice. But, if you’re willing to put your haggling skills to the test, your thrifty ways can have you laughing all the way to the bank.

Walk up to the manager and say something like:

“Hi, I noticed that the price on this bistro set is $129. But because it’s almost September, I’m not willing to pay that price. Is there any way that you can come down into the double digits?”

Yes, it’s quite pushy and a frank question to ask. But, that is what haggling is all about: paying less than the list price or even the sale price. And, when managers are desperate to move display items or boxed merchandise off the floor they’re eager to make the sale – even if it means a $30 loss. Selling the old items helps them to make space for the new ones.

End-Of-Season Sale Items

Generally, stores try to move beach items, such as beach balls, towels, coolers, and umbrellas as quickly as possible. In many states, consumers will only be able to get good use out of the merchandise from June to August. Therefore, most consumers make their purchases from June to July in order to maximize their use.

Mid-August and September are great times to buy these items because the prices are generally slashed significantly. Big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target often have the best deals. Simply because they need to introduce new displays and the outdated beach items are eating up valuable floor space.

For example, you can buy these amazing flip-flops or slippers from Nike which can be used all year round. Are perfect for cruising around the house, going to the park, or even going shopping. My husband just received his order with Amazon Prime and he says it feels like he walks on clouds; he even ordered a second pair, different color.

Granted, it isn’t possible to haggle in stores such as these. However, Target has a rewards program where they give out free $5 gift cards in exchange for purchasing a predefined quantity of a mix of items.

You can likely score free beach items by simply purchasing the necessary items in order to receive the free gift card. And of course, you should always use coupons in order to lessen your out-of-pocket costs.

Smart shoppers buy at the end of the season. Whether it’s Christmas items in January, Halloween decorations in November, or summery merchandise in late August or September, shopping after the season saves money, time, and effort.

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