• 1 September 2021
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Halloween Savings- Tip Of The Month


Q. How can I save money on Halloween decorations?

A. Let your children participate in the decorating! Buy craft paper in a variety of colors and help each child create their own decorations. Tape them into the windows or string them on fishing line and dangle them outside.

You don’t have to go the expensive route for excellent Halloween decorations.

Q. How can I make cheap Halloween costumes?

A. Utilize what you already have as much as you possibly can. Start with clothes that your children already have that you can easily modify to create a fun and easy DIY Halloween costume. You may still need to buy a few accessories, colored felt, fabric, face paint and the like, but this will still greatly reduce the costs of your Halloween costumes.

Q. How can I saText Box: MONEY MATTERSve money on the things I do need to buy?

A. Avoid the fancy Halloween party stores and opt for other options instead. You can buy Halloween decorations through Goodwill and similar secondhand stores.

Halloween decorations and certain costume elements can easily be purchased inexpensively secondhand and, when you are done using them, you can donate them back to these stores to pass the savings on to someone else.

Q. How do I save money on candy?

A. Candy prices go up during the last couple of weeks of October because everything adopts the Halloween packaging and is sold specifically for this purpose. Beat the price jump by buying your candy a couple of weeks before the big rush. Store your candy in a cool, dry place, so it’s fresh when it’s time to use it.

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