• 18 August 2021

How To Look After Your Hands

For the last year, all we hear is about COVID-19, how to protect yourself by wearing face masks and washing your hands. It is true that we have to protect ourselves and our loved ones. However, protection does not mean only wearing face masks and washing hands; it means protecting our skin. And as we all know, hands are the visit card for all of us.

After you’ve learned how to keep your skin healthy while wearing a face mask, today I will teach you how to look after your hands, how to choose the correct hand soap, and the best hand cream for your skin.

Factors that affect your hand skin

After too many washes, especially now with COVID-19 when it recommends washing your hands more often, the skin might become very dry. Moreover, other external factors such as temperature changes, stress, diet can affect your skin. The skin loses its moisture, and the protective layer is stripped away. The hands might become swollen, red, and itchy.

How to choose a good hand soap

First of all, you need good soap for your hands. Each skin is different and the wrong soap can do more damage. A good soap should contain organic vegetable oils such as cocoa butter, olive oil, aloe vera, jojoba, or avocado. Even more, glycerin is a bonus for every soap. Glycerin is a skin conditioner that keeps your skin hydrated and soft; it is also used to treat several skin disorders varying from dry skin to skin damage restorative. It is advisable to avoid perfumed soap as it contains synthetic scents and chemicals.

How to choose a good hand cream

Furthermore, you should keep your hands moisturized. Hand cream should be used regularly, on a daily basis. It is indicated to use hand cream after each wash to keep your skin moisturized.

Characteristics of good hands cream

  1. Prevent moisture loss: the products with petroleum jelly seal in the hydration.
  2. Attract water: glycerin and hyaluronic acid attract water into the skin and keeps it hydrated for longer.
  3. Add moisture: specific plants such as shea and cocoa butter boost the moisture by creating a film over the skin.
  4. Soothe the skin: oatmeal, soy, and aloe vera are well known for its healing properties.

From my experience, a hydrating cream which is non-greasy, reduces the redness and smooths rough skin by keeping my hands soft and moisture, makes all the money.

Additionally, in order to keep your hands smooth and hydrated, use the following tips:

  • exfoliate your hands at least once a week.
  • massage your hands up and down your fingers and circular yor palm. You can use cream or olive oil for better results.
  • pat your hands dry after washing. Instead of rubbing your hands with a towel, and damage your skin, you can pat dry.
  • apply cream soon after washing, while the skin is still damp. This way you are sealing the moisture.

Use vitamin E oil to massage your fingertips at least once a week. Do Do not worry if you don’t have cuticle oil! You can easily use olive oil as well. It has the same effect, an we all have olive oil in the house. This technique prevents the skin around your nails to become hard, to crack easily and to be painful.

And don’t forget:

“You have two hands:

One to help yourself,

the second to help others.”


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